Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sorting out Left-Hand and Right-Hand in Doors

One of the key pieces of information we need when building a door is the hinge placement, or "handing" of the door.  This one question gets so confusing that we have even made a one-minute video to show the difference between a left-hand door, and a right-hand door.  People often think that "handing" refers to which hand you use to open the door.  That is NOT correct.  "Handing" refers to where the hinges are located on the door, NOT the hand you use to open it.

The easiest way to visualize door handing is to imagine standing in front of your refrigerator.  When you open the fridge, where are the hinges on the door?

Cen-Tex water-tight doors are designed to work best when the water is on the outside of the door, pushing the door closed.  They are most commonly used on the decks of commercial boats that sail in rough weather.  The doors are designed to seal water-tight and withstand the heavy waves washing across the deck.  However, if you have water pressure inside a compartment or tank, depending on the amount of pressure that needs to be contained, a Cen-Tex door may still be your most cost-effective solution.  We would then recommend that you install the water-tight door so that the frame is on the inside of the compartment wall, and the water pressure inside the compartment would still be pushing the door closed.

To see a selection of Cen-Tex water-tight door designs, click here.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Unusual work always welcome!

We frequently get calls from our regular customers who have an unusual situation and need a custom water-tight solution.  A perfect example of this is the Cen-Tex #225 Flush Quick-Acting Water-Tight hatch with a fold-down lever.  Our customer was tired of a competitor's hatch where the quick acting mechanism is operated with a t-handle that drops down through a central hole in the cover.  The seals have a tendency to fail, which causes the hatch to leak.  They wanted a flush hatch with a handle topside that folded down into a pocket to eliminate the possibility of the hatch leaking.  We took on the project and designed a new quick-acting mechanism.  The hatch can be opened with the fold-down lever from above or a wheel from below.  The innovative part of the design is that when the handle is folded down into the recessed pocket, it is disengaged from the dogging mechanism, so the wheel can operate below, independently of the handle above.

When we had a sample of this hatch on display at the Pacific Marine Expo, another customer saw the dogging mechanism and realized it would be the perfect solution for a problem they were having with a wheel-operated quick-acting door on their catcher/processor.  The door was located on the main deck, and the nets were snagging on the exterior wheel of the door as they were being hauled in.  They asked if we could modify this fold-down flush handle for their quick-acting door.  We took on the project, and created a custom quick-acting door with a fold-down flush handle.  (See photos.)

So, if you don't see what you need in the catalog of Cen-Tex products, call us or email us and let us know what you need. 

Quick-acting water-tight door
Cen-Tex QA Water-tight door with fold-down flush handle